Residential Pricing and Features



Features Main
Street Place
Number of bedrooms 2-3 1-2 1-2 1-2
Price range $700-$770 $495-$700 $600-$650 $550-$580
Security deposit $700-$770 $495-$700 $600-$650 $550-$580
Air Conditioning X X   X
Balcony or patio X   X  
Cable Ready X X X X
Dishwasher X X X X
Garbage disposal X X X X
Stove/refrigerator X X X X
Gas Fireplace X      
Washer/Dryer hookup X * * *
On site carport X      
On site parking   X X X
Water/sewer included**     X  
Garden/Party area X      
2nd floor unit   X   X
No. stories in unit 3 1 1 1
Avg. Sq. footage 1355 1000 700 800

Kent State Student Housing
$340 Per Room + Utilities
$450 Security Deposit
Available June to May
7 Bedrooms
Coin Operated Washer/Dryer
Stove Refrigerator
Share Living Room, Kitchen, Bathrooms

Commercial Pricing and Features

Features White Block Mantua Lumber Keefer Building
Price range $375-$400 $1150-$1963 $315-$415
On site parking X X X
Avg. Sq. footage 720 1800 - 3000 1040


**All units are plus electric/gas/water sewer unless otherwise specified.

*Feature not available in all units this facility.

*Sorry, we are unable to accommodate pets in any of our rentals.




**Mantua boasts some of the best of what Portage County has to offer.






With the charm of simpler days yet close to everything.







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